aventure magazine splash page

Aventure! Magazine
Art Direction, Page Layout, Typography, Advertisements, Photography, Printing

The Adventure
To design a publication with focus on typography, photography, layout, and having a finished product.

The Course Of Action
Aventure! magazine is a conceptual travel/entertainment magazine aimed toward readers who follow music and pop culture.

The Particulars
7¾ × 9½ inches
60 pages
Typeset in Gill Sans

The Hand Skills
Digital Print
Bound By Hand
Pen and ink illustrations
Digital photography
60lb text

aventure magazine cover

Self-Printed, Self-Bound
60 pages of 3 feature spreads, 8 department articles, 16 advertisements. And a partridge in a pear tree.

aventure magazine spine
aventure magazine coyote girl open spread

Typography & Layout
Aventure! magazine showcases the treasures of exploration and entertainment with a bit more color and daring than typical travel publications.

aventure magazine department spread aventure spread feature spread aventure spread department page aventure spread LU cookie advertisement

Some Magazine Advertisements
There's a joy in standing around a 24-hour grocery store late at night and flipping through periodicals to admire advertisement layout. These ads were included in Aventure! magazine.

aventure magazine iPod advertisement aventure magazine american spirits advertisement aventure magazine fedex advertisement

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