bat for lashes series

Bat For Lashes Gig Merchandise
Serigraphy, Poster Design, & T-Shirt Design

The Adventure
An illustrative approach to a series of items for English musician Natasha Khan, aka Bat for Lashes.

The Particulars
16"×24" inches
Limited run of 5 prints
Typeset in King Cool

The Hand Skills
Screen Print
Pen & Ink Illustration
70lb text linen
Cotton tee

bat for lashes series

Five Screen-Printed Posters
The concept with the masked girl and loose peacock feathers mirrors the mysterious demeanor and Earthly fashion sense of Bat For Lashes.

bat for lashes series

Two Screen-Printed Tees
Whereas the poster plays up the musician’s name, the tee focuses more on the imagery of the masked girl and the peacock feathers.
The blue tee is meant to match the color palette from the poster and the white tee simplifies it.

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