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Bonny Doon Wine Labels
Bottle Design & Illustration

The Adventure
To design a series of wine labels for the Bonny Doon Vineyard, based in the Santa Cruz mountains.

The Course Of Action
Conceptualized three playful labels to ride tandem with the winery’s often whimsical approach in marketing their vino.

The Particulars
4 × 4 Inch Labels
Typeset in Hand-Rendered Letters

The Hand Skills
Digital Print
Acrylic Paint Illustrations

bonny doon bottles

Le Cigare Volant
Penguins dominate this surreal, fantasy place. And to literalize the French phrase Le Cigare Volant — or The Flying Cigar — here a penguin floats over the vast terrain of snow in a red tugboat, taming a wild, fluttering roll of tobacco leaf for later enjoyment.

Dewn Imagine
Penguins don’t fly. Or is it because they think it so? Peter Pan’s theory on flight may indeed hold some truth. Perhaps happy thoughts do actualize anti-gravity. Here, one little penguin chooses to imagine...

Le Pousseur
The fight-or-flight response is the animal response to stress. Well, penguins can’t really do either! However, they can push another of its species into the face of a predator, which here is a visual play on Le Pousseur, French for The Pusher.

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