Fit Pregnancy Magazine, Interactive Issue

Typography & Interactive Page Layout, for Google Play Magazines at the Google campus in Mountain View, as part of their digital magazines initiative

Adapted the publisher’s Adobe InDesign files from the larger, glossy print edition into smaller versions for viewing on tablet devices, maintaining the design feel from the original source, while keeping 100% of the issue’s graphic elements

The challenge, put another way: Let’s say a magazine issue is a 100-piece puzzle, assembled in a space big enough for a 100-piece puzzle. Next, what if those same 100 pieces had to be put back together in a smaller area that barely fit 70 jigsaw pieces; What to do with the remaining 30 pieces ? — Can’t simply toss away information, obviously

The solution was strategically hiding content off or, on the screen, invisibly, which the reader could then access by interacting with symbols & brief calls to action when ready, applying familiar user functions, such as

Swiping, Vertical Scrolling, Horizontal Scrolling, Pull Tabs, Hotspot Buttons, Hyperlinks & Video — moving the reader along as naturally as possible without hindering the experience of reading a magazine article

Below are some static screenshots of page layouts with interactivity:

Android 10″ Display | Samsung, Galaxy Tab (Jellybean o/s)

Small screen, meant hiding some content

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