Things To Baron Mind

The Praying Mantis & The Glowing Box

Tri nity — She Aims — For, In finity — & BeyonnnndOh No — She Got That FOMO — She, Wants To Do It AlllllGeneration, Now, Now — She Wants To Grapple NowwwExport, That Dairy — Download — Another Cattle CowwwwRabble-Rouse On The Forum — Kill Time — Murder BoredomCarpal Tunnel In Her Forearms —…

On my first encounter with Robin Williams ..

(originally written 26 Janvier 2010) See the coincidental part about it all is that I had just recently re-watched Hook; and I had just recently seen his face in the spectator seats as some friends were watching a basketball game on the tube; and I had just recently watched Conan O’Brien’s penultimate episode of The…

Appy Irthday

or, The Deterioration of a Belated Birthday Hey, happy BELATED !I hope you were ELATED !So sorry for being LATED ..Did ice cream, you ATED ? Noogie time ! shouted Uncle TEDThe talking horse, was Mister ED Stay sunny — like D ! Copyright© | Bad Pun Baron | 15 Septembre 2011

The Grammarian’s Love Life

I once dated a palindromeShe was all backwards & stuff I once dated an anagramShe was all mixed up I dated a simile onceShe & I were too much alike I dated a metaphor tooDidn’t quite understand her I once dated a hyperboleShe said ‘literally’, like, a lot I once dated a dependent clauseBut she…


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What’s in a word ?

During kid’hood, Shel Silverstein taught me that words play. Later, the last sentence in Voltaire’sCandide’ showed me that words sustain. Eventually, Outkast & Lewis Carroll told me words are made up symbols that evolve over time, like humans

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