BMEDD is short for Baron Meddlesome

Truthfully .. the moniker ‘Baron Meddlesome’ originated as an obscure prank name with secret intent to post mysterious nonsense on the Myspace profiles of friends, lol, dumb

— disruption before we even knew about ‘trolling’ ? It didn’t work tho, since one had to ‘Add Friend’ — thus blowing my cover, ha

As the AOL era was closing, the spores of social media began to spread

Decided to adopt ‘Baron Meddlesome’ as an update to my pen name for the creative aspect of personality; before that, was using ‘Awake’; before that, it was ‘AckerOne’; before that, it was ‘MoneyBMan’ (lol)

Tried on ‘Baron Meddlesome’ briefly. Was it a few too many letters for music flyers ?
Maybe — so, truncated it to
B. Meddlesome

Kind of had a ring to it, & being word-sensitive, kind of played with the phonetics of the abbreviation. It sounded like a mantra, ‘Be Meddlesome’ — like: Be, Meddlesome

— like: relentless self-improvement — like: being present, in daily life, changing, keeping mindful of one’s existence, giving it meaning, interrupting idleness

Package that shit neatly, into five letters, all caps: BMEDD