Where I’m From

I am from Saturday mornings
with pizza-eating turtles & “Who You Gonna Call?”
I am from full houses of family matters,
fresh Bel-Air princes & Christina Ricci pin-ups.

I am from Fizz candy, sugary cigarettes,
& gumball eyeballs of summer ice cream truck jingles.
I am from fifty-cent pieces
for the small price of my pillow teeth.

I am from my mother, the handyman,
& my father, the clothes washer & dish sponger.
I am from the same haircut bowl as my little brother,
ponytail & racecar bed included.

I am from down hill skateboard zooming,
then halting with Payless slip-ons ’til heels disintegrate.
I am from weekends in San Francisco for choy lay fut,
GrandmaandGrandpa & greasy dim sum.

I am from where the sidewalk ends,
Berenstain Bears lessons & Amelia Bedelia goof-ups,
from elementary schoolyard tag,
duck duck goose with the neighborhood kids.

Under my afghan, thumb-sucking blanket,
nighttime ghosts cannot see me ’round the house.
I am from Fruity Pebbles spoonfuls & red sticks in Handi Snacks;
Imagination growth from the mid ’90s ‘burbs.

Copyright© | B.Meddlesome | 08 Février 2008

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