The Praying Mantis & The Glowing Box

The Praying Mantis & The Glowing Box | Audio Recording | Listen & Read

Tri nity — She Aims — For, In finity — & Beyonnnnd
Oh No — She Got That FOMO — She, Wants To Do It Alllll
Generation, Now, Now — She Wants To Grapple Nowww
Export, That Dairy — Download — Another Cattle Cowwww
Rabble-Rouse On The Forum — Kill Time — Murder Boredom
Carpal Tunnel In Her Forearms — Text, Ignore The Sore Thumbs

Her Posture — Approximates, That — That Of A Mannntis
Praying To Her Tech Device — Sacrifice, Upward Glances
Y’all Know — Friends, Used To Make Eye Contact In Convos
Tooo Slow For Trinity — Give Her Validation Pronto

Social Me, Me, Media — She Feasts Upon News Feedia
She Hopes You’re Like, — “Wowww .. I Truly Wanna Be Ya”

Always Posting Pics, Of Self — Like A Piece Of Meat, From Denny’s
She’s Posting Plates Of Fooood — Like They’re Pictures, Of Her, Tittiesss

All For Social Currency — Users: Follow Back
She’s Got Awful Posting Urgency — Please Go, Double Tap !

* * *

But, That’s All An Act — The In-Ter-Net — An Extension Of Ideal Life
She’s Caught Up, In The, Web — In, Security — Don’t Show Feeel Life
Don’t Show Anger, Panic — Sadness Or Disgust
Keep Her Avatar Caviar — All The Happy, Packaged Up 🙂

This, Fear Of Missing Out — A Delicate Mind State
Profiles Ain’t Merchandise — Real Lives Are At Stake
We’re People, Watchin’ People — Scared About Talkin’ People
Those People Thinkin’ Same — That We Are The Gawkin’ People !

* * *

Maybe That’s ‘Heaven’ — It’s The Legacy You Leave Behind
Your Image & The Likeness — That Is Statue — In The People’s Minds
Shapes Defined — In The Hedges That You Cut
So Go, Post Up Your Garden — But Yo, Don’t Fuck It Up ..

* * *

Ring-A-Round The Rosie — A Pocket Full Of Posies
The Modern Day Plague Is The Way Of Social Postings

Ring-A-Round The Rosie — A Pocket Full Of Posies
Hashtag, Hashtag — We All Fall Down ..

Copyright© | BMEDD | 10 Juillet 2017
From the album, Where Wolves Lie, 2018, by BMEDD &

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