Bonny Doon Vineyard

Wine Label Concept Design, for a winery in Santa Cruz, California — Bonny Doon

Re-examined 3 of the terroir wines, maintaining their quirky approach to branding. Inspired by the Dewn Imagine line, penguin imagery arose from underwater to pour wine from a cloud

Penguins dominate this vast, surreal land. Here, one drifts over the snow tundra in a red tugboat, taming a wild, fluttering roll of tobacco leaf for later enjoyment, a visual play on, ‘The Flying Cigar’

Le Cigare Volant, red wine

Penguins can’t fly. Maybe it’s all in their heads. Peter & Wendy’s theory on flight might’ve held truth: happy thoughts do actualize anti-gravity. Here, one little penguin envisions a higher view ..

Dewn Imagine, red wine

The fight-or-flight response is the animal response to stress. Well, a penguin does neither ! It can, however, push another forward to face a predator, which is a visual play on ‘Le Pousseur’, French for ‘The Pusher’

Le Pousseur, red wine

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